Russian Revolution Storyboard
Updated: 12/20/2019
Russian Revolution Storyboard
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  • Rasputin died because of his powerful relationship with the czar's family, which angered a rebellion against him.
  • Rasputin's Death
  • *Soviet Government*
  • Out with the czar!!!
  • Duma was created as a way to rebel against the czar because of him creating more and more unfair laws and rules for industrial workers.
  • February Revolution
  • Fight for true Freedom!
  • From the revolution lead to the Civil War of the Red Army: supporters of Communism, vs The White Army: Anti-Communists.
  • The Russian Civil War
  • Out with the Whites! In with the Reds!
  • Because of the czar's absence at his place, his generals and policemen killed around 200,000 innocent peasants who came to speak with him.
  • Bloody Sunday
  • Lenin launched a nearly bloodless coup against the Dumas provisional government, destroying the revolution.
  • The October Revolution
  • A whopping 300,000 people were either killed or imprisoned for being suspected of being enemies with the rebellion, the czar's family meeting their ultimate demise as well.
  • The Red Terror
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