Social Studies H.A.B.B.A.L Project
Updated: 2/20/2020
Social Studies H.A.B.B.A.L Project
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  • Step 1 (Idea)
  • The taxes in New Jersey are just ridiculous! What if....I GOT IT!
  • Step 2 (Submitted and made formal)
  • Tax Rate lowered down to 5%. GO GREEN
  • Step 3 (Committees)
  • All in favor rise
  • For step once you start off by finding an issue and making a solution to it. My issue was the taxes being too high. My solution to this would be lowering the tax rate down from 8% to 5%. I would do this by also going green and raising the prices on electricity and lowering the prices on solar panels and green items to make up the money.
  • Step 4 (Congress Debates)(p.s. Cory, Robert, Bonnie and Nancy are in here)
  • Next you submit your idea to your local congressman or woman. For me it would be Bonnie Watson Coleman. You can also send it to your senator. If they agree and like it they will than formalize it to send it on to the next step.
  • Step 4 (Continued)
  • We should add that people will be fined if they don't follow his law
  • After the formalization the bill goes to the committee (A small group of senators or representatives.) First it goes to subcommittee and they talk and than it goes to the full committee where they talk about it too than if the agree it gets passed on to congress.
  • Step 5 (Presidential Action)
  • Tax Rate lowered down to 5%. GO GREEN
  • After the committees vote and approve of your bill it gets sent to congress. Congress than votes on it with a roll-call vote, a voice vote, or a standing vote. After a filibuster can try to get rid of the bill by talking non-stop until the person gives up and the bill dies. The only way to stop this is by a cloture.
  • (In the last slide you could see the majority of people were standing meaning its passed.) The congressman can also add riders (ideas completely unrelated to the bill.) The bill first goes to upper house than to lower house once both houses see it if they have different ideas they can make a joint resolution
  • If the congress approves your bill than it gets sent to the president. The president than can decline or pass it. If the president does nothing in 10 day and congress is in session it passed but if congress is not in session its declined. If it's passed we have a new law
  • Donald J. Trump
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