burning of exectutive mansion
Updated: 2/13/2020
burning of exectutive mansion

Storyboard Text

  • eh ok gimme a sec
  • mrs. madison the british are coming we must evacuate
  • of course my lady
  • i want you to roll it up
  • on agust 24 1814 during the war of 1812 britian troops where coming to burn down the executive manshion according to james madisons wife dolly madisons jernals james madison had left to go find his generals onthe battle feild dolley waited till his return
  • the next day dolley had gotton the news that the british where coming dolly could no longer wait for james to come back so she disided to abandon all her persnal things and leaave the food untouched
  • instead of getting her valubles she saves a washington painted hanging on the wall because she know the first thing that the britan will do it take the painting and hall it across the town as a trofie of there victory so dolly insisted to break the frame and roll up the painting to keep it safe
  • dolly fled the mansion leaving everything to burn dolly wrote to her sister the day she fled she orderd the men to take the frame to a gentlemen from new york to hustle it away for safe keeping
  • dolly and james maidison left the white house woth there thins a fled to there predetrmined metting in the middle of a thunderstorm.
  • even though the white house was painted and now safe james and dolly never again lived in the white house instead they stayed at ortagon house.