Russian Rev
Updated: 12/20/2019
Russian Rev
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  • Before: Bloody Sunday
  • we want better pay!!
  • we must protect Czar and his interests!!
  • we want better working conditions
  • During: February Revolution
  • victory is ours
  • After: War Communism
  • We control our stores & its products!!!
  • We control who we sell our products to!
  • Industrial workers and their families peacefully approached the Winter Palace in hope of getting better working conditions, more personal freedom, and a representation in government. Soldiers then opened fire killing 500-1000 innocent people.
  • Before: Russo-Japanese War
  • The industrial workers and soldiers on strike the government to topple the 400 year old monarchy. Nicholas II tried to disband the Duma and take control, however he was unsuccessful and lost power over the country and stepped down from throne.
  • During: October Revolution
  • The civil war caused Lenin to introduce the not-so-pleasant qualities of communism. He began to control what business owners could produce and collected grains regularly from peasants. Workers and peasants didn't believe in this and often protested.
  • Russia and Japan went to war over the control of Korea and Manchuria. They signed an agreement to avoid war, Russia broke it and they went to war. After being defeated by the tiny nation Russia soon realized they were not prepared or trained for war.
  • The provisional government is overwhelmed with the constant internal conflicts. The soldiers took over key areas of the nation and overthrow the provisional government. Lenin takes charge of the government and gives the peasants land. Communism begins.
  • finally I get land!!
  • We love Lenin!!
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