Updated: 11/21/2020

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  • I will make gossip about you.
  • Jeffry threatensAji if he doesn't want to be called a loser to everyone.
  • Well, I agree
  • Welcome to the world of darkness.
  • That night, Aji went to follow Jeffry to do a test of his guts in the forest.
  • Come on!
  • In that forest there was once a crazy comedian who committed suicide so that his spirit roamed
  • Wait for me Jeffry.
  • Aji felt uncomfortable because the place was haunted and hantued cruel. He tried to stop Jeffry.
  • No, Aji!
  • Jeffry you have to cancel your intention and get out of this forest.
  • Not long after, Jeffry suddenly burst out laughing without cause.
  • Jeffry !!!
  • No!!!
  • In Aji's eyes he saw the magical hand of an evil spirit that tickled Jeffry into laughing until he was short of breath