How a Bill becomes a law
Updated: 3/15/2021
How a Bill becomes a law

Storyboard Text

  • 1. An idea Is Created for a Law
  • Law that allows Inmates to vote
  • 2. The Idea is brought to a state representative
  • I think inmates should be able to vote, I think we should make a bill!
  • I see, I think that's a good idea, lets create a bill. I will present it to my committee!
  • 3. The Newly Formed Bill Is Presented To Committee
  • 4. The Bill is then Voted On In the Representative's House
  • The first step in having a bill transform into a law is coming up with the idea first! Anyone can create an idea of a law
  • We Pass The Bill!
  • 5. The Bill is voted on by the other house
  • The idea is then worked into a bill if it is accepted. The bill is then presented to either the senate or the house's committee.
  • The bill is then shown to the representative's committee and it is discussed and changed. They have three options: release the bill with recommendation to pass it on, revise the bill and release it, or lay it aside.
  • 6. The Bill is then Sent to the President
  • The original house then votes for or against the bill. If the they are for the bill it will be sent to the house for their voting.
  • If the house passes the bill as well it is then sent to the senate and voted on. After this process the bill is sent to the president.
  • We also Pass the Bill!
  • The Bill is then sent to the president in the oval office.