What made russia red
Updated: 4/30/2020
What made russia red

Storyboard Text

  • Bloody Sunday
  • Nicholas II Abdicated
  • Provisional government
  • After protestors march up to the Czars palace demanding better working conditions are more rights, imperial guards open fire, killing many protestors
  • Lenin Takes over
  • Czar Nicholas is removed from power after workers and soilders come together for the revoltution. Him and his family are killed a year later by communist revolutionaries
  • Russian Civil War
  • A temporary government is put in place with the members of the Duma and headed by Alexander Kerensky
  • Lenin returns from being exiled in Siberia and with Leon trotsky takes over the provisional government
  • After Lenin's government signs a treaty with Germany and gives up land, many Russian people are Unhappy and become the white army, which fights and against Lenin's Red army and loses.
  • After Lenin Dies of a stroke, Joseph Stalin takes power, planning to rule with a steel grip.
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