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Updated: 11/4/2020
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  • Just a few more laps to swim
  • Yes
  • Save that energy for Torah study!
  • Yes. If you change how you act, I will offer you my sister to marry
  • Deal. But does that mean I have to quit being the head of the bandit group?
  • I'm going to kill you
  • Really?
  • You are becoming so smart in Torah!
  • You should know about these things since you were a bandit
  • In here, the Rabbis are arguing over this thing but who is right?
  • Why should I learn Torah? Everyone used to just call me a bandit and they still do
  • x x
  • Reish Lakish Deeply offended Rabbi Yochanan and Reish Lakish became very sick
  • Please pray for my sick husband, brother Yochanan
  • No I am not praying for him
  • Why did Reish Lakish have to die
  • What do you think about bagels for dinner?
  • I think it should be more popular
  • Well what do you think?
  • Hi, I'm Rabbi Elazar ben Pedat, and I was sent by the Rabbis to comfort you
  • I agree
  • Why are you just agreeing with me?
  • We made the best duo because we always debated about everything until both of us understood each others opinions
  • Reish Lakish would ask so many questions and I would give the answers
  • To comfort you
  • x x
  • Lord help this poor man out
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