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Crona virus
Updated: 3/26/2020
Crona virus
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Corona virus started from Wuhan city of China animal market. rapidly spread among the residents from one another. the first case was reported in mid November 2019. The whole of China came to stand still in January 2020. all the hospitals were full patients died in very big number as the virus attacked the respiratory system making impossible to breath. The government of China closed the whole city and country it was lockdown people were not allowed to come out of their homes. the sick were forced picked from homes and taken to hospitals. this virus spread all over the world and Italy, Iran and some other European countries like UK and Spain, India and America. this virus has not been seen ever since 1918 pandemic. WHO has designated it as pandemic with no control and vaccine as of now. china is now settled but other countries are still struggling. we hope soon it gets over. people in many parts are asked to stay at home and so are we in UAE are asked to stay at home schools and offices are closed malls are closed too.

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