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positive feedback loop
Updated: 10/1/2020
positive feedback loop
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  •  Life with Leukemia
  • One moment please.... You can go meet with her and Dr. Marshall.
  • Hi I'm here to pick up my daughter Jenna Fields. She just went in for chemotherapy.
  • This cancer is in my blood. The cells in my blood are growing uncontrollably and my immune system is very weak. My blood has a high number of B cells. Ok I have to go now the dr. and dad will be here any second now.
  • Hi Grandma, I just wanted to let you know that leukemia is back. I don't want you to worry because we started my treatment again. Incase you forgot what leukemia is, let me refresh your memory.
  • Hi Mr. FieldsYou might want to get yourself ready for our conversation. Chemo isn't working anymore. We'll have to take a different approach.
  • ok how do you want to approach this situation. Are you going for something even more aggressive?
  • So as you already know the cancer is in her blood. It came back more aggressive and her body isn't responding to it anymore.
  • right but why isn't it responding now. It worked the first time I just don't get it.
  • The cancer is growing faster than the chemo she's exposed to but there's surgery. We can try that. Take all the time you need to discuss!
  • yes please we'll need some time to disscuss
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