Amnesiac Story
Updated: 9/9/2020
Amnesiac Story

Storyboard Text

  • Main Characters: John, Phil, Bear, Shannon
  • John wakes up beside his father in hospital after having a fall which gives him amnesia.
  • John meets back up with Phil and meets Bear for the first time in class. Phil wants John to join back into the AFL team, but he wants to do music instead. Bear them gets in a fight with Phil, John steps in for Bear's side and Phil gets mad at John
  • Shannon meets John and is first put off by him and is mad, but after he plays the piano changes her mind and become friends
  • John and Bear ask Phil and Shannon to record their musical performance, which ends in Phil pulling a 'prank' almost starting a fire in the room.
  • Phil explains what happens, in a biased form, then John explains what actually happened, and Phil is put on detention.