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Cinderella Story
Updated: 5/22/2020
Cinderella Story
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  • Elizabeth
  • CatEmma
  • Stepmom
  • StepsisterAnnie
  • StepsisterBecky
  • Once there was a girl named Elizabeth whose father recently passed away. She now lives with a step mom and two step sisters named Annie and Becky, and a cat named Emma. Elizabeth was treated like she is not is part of the family, like a butler who doesn't get paid. She gets punished if she does not do all the chores in the house.
  • Elizabeth does lots of chores, including cleaning, laundry, cooking, and lawn work. She also loves to dance when doing chores when no one is looking because if the step sisters see her happy then she will get punished.
  • There is a dance contest at Elizabeth's high school, but she can't go because her step mother told her to water the plants. Emma hears the step sisters talking about the dance as they're leaving the house while laughing because Elizabeth cannot go.
  • Emma says to Elizabeth, "I know a way for you to go to the dance contest. Meow!" Elizabeth is speechless because she didn't know her cat can talk. Emma lifts her paws and says, "I command the lawn mower to mow the lawn and a bucket to water the plants. Emma lifts her paws once more to point at an apple and says a spell to turn it into a beautiful red dress then says., "Now, you can go, but be back by 11:00pm because every thing will be normal again. " Elizabeth is teleported to the dance.
  • When Elizabeth was at the dance, everyone was staring at her and whispering to each other, "Who is that beautiful girl?" Even her step sisters were staring right at her and had no idea she was Elizabeth. When it was her turn to dance, everyone was amazed by her dancing skills, but before she finished, she noticed it was 10:59pm.
  • Elizabeth sprinted out of the school and, on her way out, she loses an earring. the judge of the dance finds the earring and looks for the girl who has the matching earring.
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