French Revolution story board

Updated: 8/20/2021
French Revolution story board

Storyboard Description

History project

Storyboard Text

  •  Louis XVI
  • since we are running low on money we are going to tax clergy and nobles
  • We work hard for our stuff
  • Women’s March
  • Yes honey o dear is correct
  • WE dont like you you spend to much money on your selves
  • You two are horrible leaders
  • Oh dear
  • Radicals take over
  • Grenade out
  • Jacques Necker decided to tax noble's and clergy because Louis XVI was running out of money because he spent it all on himself
  •  Robespierre is executed
  • here lies Robespierre
  • During 1789 Women hated that Marie Antoinette because she lives with extravagance and they were struggling to get enough food
  • Rise of Napoleon
  • Get out of here you scoundrels
  • Emigres spread fear into neighboring MonarchsThey are nobles and clergy who fledSans-culottes and Jacobins rally to defend their new government in France
  • The End of Napoleon
  • Robespierre is beheaded along with others responsible for the Reign of Terror
  • Defeated the Austrians in a series of battlesDefended France’s Directory against royalists
  • Napoleon has suffered a huge loss and was exiled forever and can no longer return to France.
  • How could I have lost everything and got exiled