a rose for emily sofia simone
Updated: 11/23/2020
a rose for emily sofia simone

Storyboard Text

  • This is the story of Miss Emily Grierson. The story starts in the funeral of Miss Emily, the townspeople came to pay respect to her funeral even though they rarely saw her.
  • After the Civil War a man named Homer Barren comes to the town with a construction company. During his time in the town, he had an eye for Miss Emily.
  • A while later, the town starts to see Homer and Emily together. During their time together the people began to assume they were meant to be married.
  • After some time, the people of the town start to see less Emily and Homer. One day Emily goes to a store and buys arsenic, and the store worker gives her the poison because he feels bad for her.
  • After her funeral, some townspeople enter her house and go to a locked room, it was full of dust and had wedding relics. In this room they discover the body of Homer Barron.
  • The skeleton of Homer Barron many years after was found in the bed laying beside an indent with grey hair on the pillow next to him.