Jonas Transformation
Updated: 6/8/2020
Jonas Transformation

Storyboard Text

  • Jonas you have been chosen as receiver of memory.
  • Jonas lives with his mom and dad and his sister Lily. They live in a community where they have a lot of rules to follow, some of the rules are you have toshare your dreams every morning, and you have tobe the same as everyone.
  • Every other kid gets chosen for a normal job at the ceremony but Jonas is different and gets picked for Receiver or memory. This helps transform JonasBecause this job leads to a ton of bad things but also good.
  • Jonas starts to receive bad memories that cause him pain and him feeling alone. He cant talk to anyoneabout anything either because he knows things thatno one except for him and the giver knows.
  • Jonas finds out that "release" meant killing, which ishis fathers job to release babies. Jonas falls apart andcant think straight anymore. No one else canunderstand how he feels and what he knows aboutwhat releases really are.