Unknown Story
Updated: 6/5/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Jonas you have been chosen for Receiver Of Memory
  • What is that
  • Jonas lives with his mom and dad and sister lily. Jonas's bestfriend's are Asher And Fhion. They live in a communty with really strict rules that you must follow. There is no difference its all about same's.
  • bye bye baby
  • At the ceremony of twelves Jonas get skipped over because he has been picked for a unique job, The Receiver Of Memory. This helps Jonas's transformation becuase he get to experience everything differently from everyone else.
  • Jonas stars training with the Giver and begins to experience everything differently. By receiving memories he starts feeling things like love, pain, sadness and happiness. He can now feel coldness and warmth. He can also see colors and shades.
  • Jonas is curious about what a release looks like. The Giver gets the recording of the releasing of the twin babies and shows Jonas. Jonas soon realizes that there not getting released they get killed and by his own dad.
  • After Jona finds out that when releasing someone they actually kill them. Jonas wants things to change in the community. Jonas and the Giver come up with a plan to run away and release all the memories to the community. When Jonas finds out that they are going to release Gabriel he decides to take him with.
  • After a long journey Jona begins to feel the place elsewhere is close. Jona see a snowy hill with a bright red sled just like the one in his memory and slides down the hill with Gabriel . At the bottom they see houses with trees and lights just like is memory. And that's when he knew they had made it to elsewhere.