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Updated: 6/4/2020
the giver project
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  • Exposition
  • In Jones community he lives happily with with his family and friends he is a care free kid that lives a normal life. He is whiting for the ceremony of 12 were he gets a job
  • falling action
  • conflict
  • At the ceremony Jones id chosen as the receiver of memory. This means That he will be working with the giver. He learned that no one really knows about there world and he starts seeing colors and the giver gives him a lot of memorys.
  • rising action
  • resolution
  • Jones is receiving more with the giver, and felt things about the world like love and he started having more memory of things like war and death. when Jones saw his friends was playing war he told them to stop and its not good. He felt love for Asher and Fiona but they could not love them back
  • climax
  • Jones was training with the giver and he remembers that his father is going to release a new born today and the giver tells Jones that release means kill and he realizes that his father is a killer and he questions his community and he wants every one to have feelings
  • Jones and the giver wanted to bring memories to every one in the com unity like war and love and when Jones finds out his dad is going to release Gabe he gets Gabe and escapes with him into the unknown
  • him and Gabe we surrounded by trees and color and more it was anew world to them and a new start for them
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