Theseus and the Minotor

Updated: 9/9/2021
Theseus and the Minotor

Storyboard Text

  • goodbye sweet children, you will not have a good life because you are being eaten in the next few days I am sorry for you all and your parents that have to give you up to die be good.Don't resist the Minotaur.
  • We don't want to die!Can you not find 7 other boys and 7 other girls
  • Son I simply forbid this you can not leave what if i lose you NO NO THIS IS NOT HAPPENING!
  • Theseus i will go this time and in will get rid of the beast stealing the happiness from many parents and the lives from many children. I will return soon to my newly found love Ariadne Goodbye my love
  • This will all be okay i have my fathers sword so he will be with us too i will go in and kill that beast none of you will follow me in Do you understand
  • right we have arrived and it is now time for me to go and face the Minotaur i have this string so I will be able to find my own way back. None of you will follow me do you understand.
  • I have defeated the beast kjhe is dead my father will be pleased i will return with my ball of wool to my love and see her again
  • my dear father has taken his own life because i stupidly did not change the flags he believes me to be dead now i only have my dear love