Crucial moments in the Mughal empire
Updated: 2/3/2021
Crucial moments in the Mughal empire

Storyboard Text

  • The congest of the modern areas of Pakistan and Bangladesh by Akbar
  • WOOO
  • We have finally finished our campaign here! this has been a great victory!
  • We were victorious!
  • YAY
  • The cultural and religious blending of the Mughal empire by Akbar
  • I wonder if we have more in common than we thought
  • How do all our religions compare?
  • The building of the Taj Mahal by Sha Jahan
  • Sir the cost for the Taj Mahal has become extremely high!
  • It does not mater.i must build a building befitting of my beloveds beauty. use the resources of all the villages if necessary
  • When Akbar expanded the empire to the modern areas of Bangladesh and Pakistan he ushered in a new golden age. These events also not only help continue to prove the millitay might of the empire, they also show Akbar's competence as a leader inspiring loyalty.
  • Aurangzeb seazing power from his father and older brother
  • You are coming with us Sha Jahan!
  • What is this treachery?!?!
  • Akbar encouraged the civil discution about many different religions during his rule even though he was a Muslim. he also encouraged the blending of different cultures which lead to more stability through the empire
  • Aurangzeb ending the religious tolerance policy
  • From this day forth all religious tolerance policies will be removed and the religious tax will return
  • We thank you for giving the East India trading company this beautiful city of Calcutta
  • Sha Jahan built the Taj Mahal as a mausoleum to his beloved dead wife Mumtaz Mahal. This is significant because the building of the Taj mahal used up tones of the empires money, even deprecating nearby villages for resources.
  • Calcutta coming under the control of the east India trading Company
  • It is the emperors pleasure
  • Aurangzeb takes control of the empire by imprisoning his father and killing his older brother. This is very significant because it changes the course of the empire by instilling a ruler who was not expected changing some of the political structure.
  • Lets Go!
  • Aurangzeb ending the religious tolerance policies was extremely significant because it caused strife between the Hindus and the Muslims which caused instability in his rule during Aurangzeb's rule. this strife would eventually lead to the end of the empire's domination over India .
  • WHATT!!
  • The city of Calcutta coming under British control is extremely significant because it leaders to the beginning of a new era of a British controlled India and the end of the dominance of the Mughal empire over most of India.