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Perseus part 2 and Firnus wolf part 1 story board
Updated: 10/23/2020
Perseus part 2 and Firnus wolf part 1 story board
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Storyboard Text

  • While Perseus was flying back he rescues a beautiful princess from a sea dragon and they soon get marred.
  • Perseus gets mad when he finds out that the king is trying to marry his mother so he turns him in to stone. Perseus saves his mother and gives Medusa head to Athena and all is restored.
  • Loki had wedded a monstrous giantess called the Firnus wolf.
  • The Gods thought they could tame the wolf when it was little but it became really big and angry so they try to lock him up in the dungeon. They ask him if they could test his strength and he said yes so they chain him but he was to strong.
  • The Gods try another chain much stronger with Thor the god of lightning's help but the wolf broke that one also.
  • Odin went to the dwarfs to see if they could make something strong enough to hold the fernirs wolf. The dwarfs made a little rope made of The sound of a cats footfall, the breath of a fish, the flowing beard of a woman and the rots of a mountain made the made from which it was forged. They put it on the fernus wolf but only if someone put there hand in his mouth. Tyr was brave enough to do it so when he tryed to brake the chain the wolf got angry and bite it off.
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