Lint-Wish Characters
Updated: 10/11/2018
Lint-Wish Characters
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  • Mr. Peters
  • Physical Traits 1. Most likely thin, sense he ran when he heard crying from the king of the forest. 2. By the end of the story he grew old.
  • Personality Traits 1. He is kind. 2. He isn't greedy 3. Cares more about Leita's happiness than his own.
  • Role in the story Mr. Peters role in the story is, when he heard something crying and yelling he ran down a hill to a bush, where he found a swan and when he saved the swan he got three wishes. He wished for a wife and when she got sad he wished her to be a swan again
  • Leita
  • Personality Traits 1. She is kind to Mr. Peters. 2. Made a good wife, doing work around the house. 3. She was gentle and friendly.
  • Role in the story Leita's role in the story is, she was a swan that lived with her sister, until Mr. Peters wished for her to be his wife. She was happy with him, but got sad because she missed her sister.
  • Physical Traits 1. As beautiful as the forest 2. White skin, like swan feathers 3. Hair as dusky as the bushes 4. Blue-green eyes like the Canal
  • King of the forest
  • Personality Traits 1. Kind of rude to Mr. Peters. 2. Doesn't trust humans with wishes. 3. He likes being a swan.
  • Role in the story The King of the forest's role in the story is, in the beginning of the story he was a swan that was stuck in bushes, then when he was freed by Mr. Peters he assumed he wanted a reward, which Mr. Peters asked for three wishes.
  • Physical Traits 1. Eyes are full of hate. 2. Fierce glittering eyes. 3. He has a long beard.
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