Mr. Owen comic period 6

Updated: 3/26/2021
Mr. Owen comic period 6

Storyboard Text

  • In the middle ages there was a federal pyramid which the king, and queen sat the top of
  • Yes and with are knights to guard us.
  • Oh it's so great to have to nothing but sit on this chair and tell people what to do.
  • Until later that day when he brought some serfs, and peasants in
  • You'll be placed into vassels
  • What no!!!
  • The peasants serfs plan
  • YEAH!!!
  • We have to take down the King!!!
  • They though they were safe... They thought life was going to be easy.
  • The attack comes into play
  • Were taking you down!!!
  • You're going to pay for your crimes
  • After the serf and peasants complained they were sent to the dungeons
  • They are taken to the main room for the king can think what he wants to do
  • No please were sorry
  • With a bone in the dungeon they break the door down
  • Three more bones were added to the dungeon and the king went back to his chair
  • The king called his guards and they caught a hold of the peasants, and serfs
  • And they did pay....
  • And they live happy ever after... or did they?