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human rights comic
Updated: 3/8/2020
human rights comic
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Storyboard Description

comic with the theme of human rights for mr.B 7A

Storyboard Text

  • Remember, today we will be voting for the new company president
  • You can vote for Jerry
  • Or you can vote for Tommy
  • Tommy wins the elections !
  • in a office, an event that uses democracy will be realized. Both genders with the ability to partcipate.
  • But we voted for Tommy !
  • But we voted for Jerry !!!! And there is more of us !
  • The boss gives options for the voting. The voting will decide the new president of the company, which means everybody or almost everybody has to agree and feel comfortable with it.
  • We demand equality and right to democracy!
  • We demand equality and right to democracy !
  • Everyone has allreday voted and are waiting anxiously for the results, the boss announces thta the winner is Tommy, which enormously dissapoints women.
  • I apologize
  • Ladies have the right to democracy and equality, we apologize for not taking them into consideration, jerry wins the election
  • Women realize that all of tem voted for Jerry, and there are more women than men in the office so it wasn't possible Tommy would win the elections. Then, they realize they weren't taken into consideratio n in the voting thanks to their gender.
  • This conflict is a violation of the right to democracy and the gender eqality. So, they decide to speak up and make a potest outside the office building to have their rights given back.
  • Outside work building .......
  • Men have no ther option but to apologize and make things correctly (whcih means Jerry wins). And respect women and include them in any conflict presented in the office.
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