School ep 1

Updated: 10/15/2020
School ep 1

Storyboard Text

  • Why The Persian War Started.10/15/20The reasoning for the war starting was because of the Ionian Greeks. The Ionian Greeks would start to revolt against the Persians. As the Ionian Greeks were didn't have many men they got help from the Athenians. The Persians were made That the Athenians helped the Greeks so they declared war.
  • The First Battle Of The Persian War.10/15/20For the first battle the Persians was to attack the Athenians first then to get the Greeks. They landed on a place next to the Athenians place. About this time a person named Pheidippides ran twenty-six miles to warn the Athenians that the Persians landed on shore. The met on the beach to fight it out and to amazing odds the Athenians won. The reasoning was because of a battle formation. It was made by a man by the name of Hoplites. He called the formation the Phalanx. This happened in 490 BC.
  • The Second Battle Of The Persian War.10/15/20 The Athens and Spartans paired up to fight the Persians because the new king has been training a group for ten years to get revenge on the Athens. This would be one of the big battles out of everything. The Spartans had three hundred men to fight the huge number of Persians. They held of the Persians as long as they could to get the Greeks to get the people to leave the cities and for the Greeks into position. Also the Athenians stayed on there boats as they figured there navy was the biggest chance of surviving. After them killing the Spartans they went to find a abandon city. This happened 480-479 BC.
  • The Third Battle Of The Persian War.10/15/20Themistocles tricked the Persians into thinking that the Athenians were getting away. The met in a shallow small area, which the Persian ships weren't built for. So when the Persians got stuck the Athenians started to ram into the Persians ship and after a while all of the Persians boats sank. The Persians boats were big heavy ships and the Athens ships are small. 480-479 BC
  • The Fourth Battle Of The Persian War.10/15/20Both the Greeks and the Persians set camp on opposite sides of a river. They met on either sides of the river and no one wanted to cross the river as it would give them a disadvantage. So the Persians started to fire arrows at the Greeks so the Greeks "fled". The Persians thought they won so they crossed the river and when they got to the other side the Athenians and the Spartans were there and they killed the Persians. 480-479
  • What happened after the war.10/15/20The Athenians became a huge city and became very powerful and well known. A thing that isn't to good that happened after the war was that Sparta became weak when the were destroyed by the Persians. The Dalian league was created to protect The Athenians if the Persians attacked again. The Athenians upgraded from the Gold Age to up.