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Updated: 9/15/2020
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  • SHOT 1
  • SHOT 2
  • SHOT 3
  • In this scene Marcus Asks his dad if he can go for a walk, his dad says"He has to be back before 12pm". In this shot I used a long shot to show Marcus and his dad in the same shot.
  • SHOT 4
  • In this scene Marcus is walking through the oddly quiet streets of NY.In this shot I used an extreme long shot to show Marcus's Vulnerability/Weekness.
  • SHOT 5
  • In This scene Marcus hears some fumbling in the ally way and goes to investigate.In this shot I used an extreme long shot to show the surroundings of Marcus.
  • SHOT 6
  • In this scene Marcus walks in the ally and see's some 'paint' on the floor and gets curious and walks though the door. Little does he know someones watching him. In this scene i used i used a wide angle shot to show all the Characters in the scene.
  • In this scene Marcus walks through the abandoned hospital creeped out by how dark it is. In this scene I used a perspective shot to show the length of the hall way, to create a sense of being trapped.
  • He Steps into a room and is horrified with the sight of the dead man on the table. I used a wide shot to show the all the character on the table
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