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ss unit 2
Updated: 10/3/2019
ss unit 2
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  • Galileo
  • Bacon
  • Newton
  • Galileo found out that the moon has craters . He also found out that the moon has sun spots. He was put on house arrest for challenging the churches theories. Galileo was never popular. Galileo was also a italian scientist. He also constructed a telescope. The picture above is about how he found out the moon had creators
  •  Copernicus
  • Bacon created the scientific method. He was the philosopher of science. He was a lawyer. Bacon went to Cambridge collage. Francis left his school to work under someone named Sir Amyas Paulet. 
  • Conflixs between Church and the revolutin
  • Church's methods
  • Scientific method
  • Newton was a physicist and a mathematician. Newton was born on January 4. Went to the university of Cambridge. Newton found out why gravity works. Mathematicians in his community were pleased by his work. He also found out that when you shine light though a prism it comes out rainbow and why it does that.
  • How does the scientific revolution impacts the world
  • Coperacies was born in February 19 1473. He was a mathematician. He also was the first scientist to propose the heliocentric system. He went to the university of Cracow. The picture above is about how Coperacies found out that all planets revolve around the sun.
  • thought that all the planets revolved around the earth. Actually everything revolves around the sun thanks the the scientific method.
  • this one is right
  • the scientific method impacts today's society by telling us about gravity. Like how when you jump you come right back down. 
  • this is a gravitational pull it is what pulls you down when you jump.
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