How religion began
Updated: 7/16/2020
How religion began
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  • Me think there be one big God in sky
  • Me think there be lots in sky
  • Back, when humans first began to talk, they shared their ideas and beliefs. Usually, they shared their thoughts about a greater being.
  • Me think there be lots of Gods, but we like one big God
  • Me think the rocks are Gods
  • One God in sky!
  • But with conversation, came arguing. Many people disagreed with the other people's beliefs.
  • No, there be Gods in grass and rock!
  • Lots of Gods!
  • No, me right! Me think there lots Gods, but like one!
  • Eventually, the humans grouped into different tribes, with their own beliefs and went their separate ways
  • The different tribes traveled worldwide, bringing people together into their groups. They shared their ideas about a God, afterlife and important people.
  • These ideas and beliefs developed and became religion, meaning "bind together". Important people made stories of miracle-making figures and scriptures describing them.
  • This leads to the present day, where we all have our own opinions of what we believe in. All because we shared them billions of years ago.
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