Townshend Acts
Updated: 10/19/2020
Townshend Acts

Storyboard Text

  • The Townshend acts was where the British taxed glass, paint, lead, paper, and tea.
  • Taxes on glass, paint, lead, paper, and tea.
  • The british could search the houses for smuggled goods.
  • They were given the right to use "writs of resistance" in warehouses and homes.
  • People did not like this and started saying "no taxation without representation."
  • The patriots refused to import british goods until the act was repealed.
  • No Imports!
  • A act of mob violance then caused the Boston Massacre.
  • Trade later dropped by almost 40%.
  • The Townshend acts were ended when the Sons of Liberaty threw 342 crates of tea over a british ship.
  • Also known as the "Boston Tea Party Massacre."
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