Ecology Storyboard
Updated: 3/31/2020
Ecology Storyboard
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  • All this sums to ecology meaning organisms interacting with others and surrounding.
  • In this slide you can see that the elephants and the tiger make up a community. But the three elephants make a population.
  • The plants and the animals make the biome
  • The rock and the animals make a ecosystem because its nonliving with living
  • I circled the tiger to show that is an individual
  • The biotic factors are the shark and the fish.
  • The abiotic factors are the rocks, water,sun and, air.
  • The tree represents a producer because it makes its own food. The process photosynthesis makes it an autotroph
  • In order for this tiger to contain energy it has to kill other organisms which makes it a Heterotroph and a consumer.
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