Gupta Empire
Updated: 3/12/2020
Gupta Empire

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! Welcome to the trading port here at the Ganges River.
  • Ok, anything else you would need? We have a variety of crops here too.
  • Hello! I would like to trade this jade necklace for some pottery.
  • I guess Chandragupta I started another alliance. My father told me he greatly changed India for the better.
  • No, but I do have one question. I hear my mom talking about the Gupta Empire. Whats so important about it?
  • Like what?
  • What did he do exactly? I have heard he is a great leader.
  • Well, he expanded India's borders through conquest and strategic marriages. But he improved India's knowledge as well.
  • Lastly, they also developed the Sanskrit epics, which showed how India advanced in art and culture.
  • When the Empire took over India, they developed a central government so they could control goods, services, and the soldiers.
  • Also, they laid a foundation for India' culture and political system. They also advanced greatly in mathematics
  • I'm in awe. The Gupta Empire must of really changed India for the better
  • Of course, there are many other ways that they improved India, but take would take the entire day for me to explain. Take you pot.
  • Yes indeed. Goodbye.
  • Well, thanks for telling me all that. Its getting dark, so I best get home. Farewell!
  • Farewell. It was nice having you here. I hope your and our empire will make a good alliance