Ians comic thing
Updated: 1/13/2021
Ians comic thing

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  • There he is the little red among us guys. His name is American Charles and he is liked among us. He was a crewmate and he saw purple being a little sus by standing still then the lights went off
  • Then after that he looked at his tasks and he had easy, simple tasks: medbay scan, wires, and navigation. But right before you finished your wires a body reported screen popped up.
  • Yellow says that purple did it but i didn’t see anything so i wont say anything. Then yellow says purple got killes in Electrical. The people who died were orange, red, and cyan. After that everyone skipped and the game was back on.
  • When the round started I just saw purple as the scariest person I ever saw. Then he went towards the hallway next to Admin and when I went over there he wasn’t there. So I thought he used a vent so I called an emergency meeting.
  • Then I said that purple, bright, and calm person just standing there then I said “I saw purple vent, i saw it”. Then we all voted purple off the ship and he wasn’t the imposter.
  • I was so confused but didnt think about it until someone called a meeting and said that I was suspicious, wary, and unsure. I tried to explain that it wasnt me but since there were only 2 people left I knew I was done. So they threw me off the ship and the imposters won. It was Yellow.
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