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Updated: 2/12/2020
social studies storyboard

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  • Currency Act - aniyah
  • Boston Massacre - aniyah
  • Sugar Act - aniyah
  • open it up
  • the parliament passed on to the Currency Act to help control the colonial currency issue.
  • Stamp Act - aniyah
  • hey, ya'll want some newspapers? thees taxes but its good for us British soldiers. i don't know about you colonists though
  • in 1770, the colonists were still angry at the British soldiers. they thought the soldiers were rowdy and rude. the colonists were also very upset when the soldiers were taking away their jobs. things were especially tense in Boston.
  • Tea Act - aniyah
  • The Sugar Act allowed British soldiers to take what they wanted when they were searching a colonist's house.
  • Boston Tea Party - aniyah
  • in 1765 the Parliament passed the Stamp Act, which taxed newspapers, wills, and even playing cards. This act and many others made the colonists very angry. because of the Stamp Act, the sons of liberty began to protest because they did not like this Act at all. so the people in the colonial cities started telling merchants to boycott.
  • the parliament passed on to the Tea Act. the Tea Act was the tax on tea, which the colonists were not happy about. this is because the British limited who colonists could purchase Tea From.
  • the colonists were outraged by the tax on tea and the Boston massacre. because of this, the colonists stole a British ship and dumped hundreds of pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor.