Pearl Harbor Story Board
Updated: 5/3/2019
Pearl Harbor Story Board

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  • Japan Colonization/ Imperialism
  • U.S. Oil/ Steel Embargo on Japan.
  • Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and the Surprise Attack
  • The Japanese colonial rule (from 1910-1945) left Koreans with mixed feelings from the experience. But, on the other hand, Japanese colonization was very harsh. And, for the first 10 years Japan ruled directly through the military, and any Korean dissent was destroyed.
  • U.S. Point of View of the Attack of Pearl Harbor
  • Responding to Japanese occupation of key airfields  in Indochina following an agreement between Japan and Vichy France, the U.S. froze Japanese assets on July 26, 1941, and on August 1 established an embargo on oil and gasoline experts to Japan.
  • FDR/ "Date That Will Live Infamy"
  • "This will be a date that lives in Infamy"
  • The attack from the Japanese on Pearl Harbor was a surprise military strike by the Japanese Navy Air service against the United States Naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Japanese attacked on the morning of December 7, 1941. The attack on Pearl Harbor lead to WW2.
  • Japanese View of the attack of Pearl Harbor
  • The The point of view of the American side was horrible. The American were caught by surprise, which lead to many deaths. Some Americans who witnessed the bombing sayd that there were bodies just piled on top of each other. The Japanese were horrible in the Americans' eyes.
  • During FDR's speech, he asks for a Declaration of War. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, stunned everyone in the United States Military. Japan's carrier-launched bombs found Pearl harbor totally unprepared.
  • Most of the Japanese had not been involved with the attack, yet they were all being blamed. Even the soldiers that were told to attack Pearl Harbor thought that they were doing the right thing because they were just following their leader's rules.
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