Layla Stabley- Charlotte's Web
Updated: 5/19/2020
Layla Stabley- Charlotte's Web

Storyboard Text

  • Months later, they realized that the fair was on. Everyone agreed to go! Even the pig, Wilbur, went.
  • Fern and her Mother are sitting in Fern's bedroom. It is early in the morning and they are talking about a baby runt pig. Fern wants to save the poor pig.
  • I'm afraid he must kill the runt of the pack. He is too small to keep!
  • Yeah! Come on!
  • I'll help, but mostly you guys AND Father NEED to pack.
  • My name is Charlotte.
  • Awww, come on, Mom!
  • Hi! What is your name, little spider?
  • Mother, why does Father have an axe?
  • Wilbur has finally met Charlotte! 😍
  • Please, no! Don't kill him, Father!!
  • Fern begs her father to be kind to the little runt, who Fern now calls "Wilbur".
  • Uhhh, guys? You might wanna come see this.
  • Charlotte writes the words "SOME PIG" on her web to amaze Fern's family.
  • A different pig, Uncle, had already claimed the ribbon. Luckily, Charlotte was able to write another word on her web. She was very old and weak, but this was Her Hour Of Triumph. Wilbur survived happily.