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Updated: 3/11/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Cyclops comes home to see Odysseus and his crew eating his food.
  • Cyclops puts a bolder over the cave exit , trapping Odysseus and his crew.
  • Cyclops grabs two of Odysseus men, eating them.
  • " We lit a fire, burnt a offering , and took some cheese to eat: then sat in silence around the embers, waiting."
  • Odysseus blinds Cyclops with a spear to his eye, in his sleep.
  • "He left his rams and he goats in the yard outside, and swung high overhead a slab of solid rock to close the cave."
  • Odysseus and his men escape the cyclops by tieing sheep to their sides
  • "Neither reply nor pity came from him, but in one stride he clutched at my companions and caught two in his hands like squirming puppies to beat their brains out, spattering the floor"
  • After Odysseus leaves Cyclops prays to Poseidon that Odysseus has trouble getting home, and that he and his crew die.
  • ".... straight forward they sprinted,lifted it, and rammed it deep in his crater eye, and i leaned on it turning it as a shipwright turns a drill in planking, having men below to swing the two-handled strap that spins it in the groove."
  • " Three abreast I tied them silently together, twining cords of willow from the ogre's bed; then slung a man under each middle one to ride there safely, shielded left and right"
  • " O hear me, lord, blue girdler of the islands,if i am thine indeed, and thou art father: grant that Odysseus, raider of cities, never see his home"...
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