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1st storyboard
Updated: 2/24/2019
1st storyboard
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  • John Quincy Adams
  • Andrew Jackson
  • Henry Clay
  • John Quincy Adam's father was John Adams so he was born into privelage. He was born in what is now Quincy massachuesets. Although he won the election in 1824 he did not recieve the most votes . In the election of 1824 the house of representatives decided who won the election of 1824.
  • Andrew Jackson and his older brother were orphaned after the brother,mother and father had all died. Robert and Andrew joined the patriot cause too fight the british.Andrew was just 13. Andrew and his only remaining brother robert were both captured. Robert died of sickness shortly afterward. He then went on to be a war hero in the battle of new orleans. He also won florida for America. He lost the 1824 election in the corrupt bargain. He did he the next election and was known as the common man's president.
  • Henry Clay was born in hanover county virginia. He was the seventh of nine children and his dad died in 1871. His mother remaried a captain named Henry watkins. henry clay was known as the great compromiser because he played big roles in landmark deals like the missouri compromise of 1820 and the tariff compromise of 1833
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