The Prank of the Year
Updated: 6/10/2020
The Prank of the Year

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  • The Prank of the YearNarrator: Grandma
  • Page 1
  • Do you want to help me prank Big Red when she visits?
  • I love pranks! Count me in!
  • Page 2
  • Hi Mr. Lumberjack, want to help me & Mr. Wolf pull a prank on Big Red when she visits?
  • That sounds like fun! You can count on me!
  • This story is about how a grandmother pranked her very own granddaughter with the help of a wolf and a lumberjack.
  • Page 3
  • One day I was picking flowers by the lake when my old friend Mr. Wolf came by. I told him that my granddaughter Big Red was coming to visit and that I wanted to play a prank on her!
  • Page 4
  • Cause I'm not your garnadma!
  • Then my friend Mr. Lumberjack came by and while Mr. Wolf was taking a nap, I told Mr. Lumberjack all about our plan to prank Big Red and asked him if he wanted to help with the prank. He said yes!
  • Page 5
  • Surprise!
  • Surprise!
  • Surprise!
  • The next day, Big Red showed up to my house with a pail full of cookies looking excited to see me.
  • When she came into my house, she noticed that I looked different. My nails were long, my teeth were sharp and I sounded different.
  • Pleace, I'm begging for mercy.
  • You aren't my Grandma!
  • Right after he roared, me and Mr Lumberjack and all of us said "Surprise"! We told Big Red we did a prank on her. She was not happy! The End!
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