Science Project
Updated: 1/31/2020
Science Project
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  • I finally escaped Blender! To empty space!
  • No! Not again! Gravity!
  • Revenge of the Pull
  • The One demands attraction!
  • The One
  • Friction v. Riders
  • Not if my wheels have to say anything...
  • I'll moonwalk and slide all the way!
  • My wax on the floor is paying off!
  • Friction Race 5000
  • These aren't the friction riders you are looking for...
  • A New Hooke
  • Save us! Use the Hooke!
  • The Band chose you to strengthen it!
  • Gravity is the attraction between two objects based on their masses and the distance between them. The bigger the masses of the objects, the more gravitational attraction between them, like between the heavy spaceship and The One. Those objects are relatively close in distance, strengthening the attraction between them.
  • Attack of the Hooke
  • My Hooke levels are rising!
  • The Hooke is really with me!
  • Friction is the force described in Newton's 3rd law that is the opposition to motion. In this case, the skeleton with his skateboard is opposing rolling friction, an easier type of friction to overcome than the sliding friction that the snake is overcoming. However, both of them are overcoming fluid friction involving the air, the easiest friction to overcome out of the listed friction.
  • The Magnets Have Awoken
  • According to Hooke's Law, an elastic substance exerts more force the more it is stretched. Hence, if the safety string is stretched out far enough, it will exert enough force to carry all the little monsters to safety. It is common for that force to overcome gravity due to the amount of force the elastic substance exerts.
  • The Rise of the Forces
  • Friction annoyance levels: 100%
  • Again, the force exerted of the support band is strong enough to support all the monsters and support beams against the gravity of the planet. This may seem like magic, but this is due to the distance the support band was stretched was great enough to become successful.
  • Take that, moon gravity!
  • The opposite magnets are big enough to exert enough magnetic force between the two to support two whole space shuttles that total up to 330,000 lbs. Opposites attract, and the huge size of the magnets can do amazing things like holding up things that seemed quite impossible.
  • S.O.S. We have been locked on!
  • It's too strong!
  • Get a grip!
  • While people may not know it, they come across these forces in everyday life. Just sitting is a example of static friction. Trampolines use elastic force in the terms of stretched springs to catapult the ordinary person. People are able to enjoy life on the surface of Earth and not in space due to gravity. Finally, the ordinary magnets can defy gravity, a feat that humans had no idea to do for centuries. So, appreciate all the things that these people do for us.
  • Another day, another jerk.
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