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Updated: 2/7/2020
proj 1
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  •  Inner thought: " I never would have imagined that I would be $20,000 deep in debt... I wish I never took out that loan from that bank 4 years ago."
  • Inner thought: "I've got to figure something out to get rid of this."
  • Door bell rings."Now who could that be?"
  • "Oh! Hey Greg, I haven't seen you in months! How have you been? What caused you to stop by?"
  • "Hey Janine. I've been great! I just ended up in the neighborhood and decided to visit an old friend. Why do you look so sad, is this a bad time? "
  • Janine: "No, no, I'm extremely happy to see you. I've just been having a rough couple of months." Greg: "What's been going on? If you dont mind me asking?"
  • "Honestly, I've gone broke trying to pay off a loan. How bout you come inside to hear the full story?"
  • "I was once in your exact predicament. I know exactly what you can do to help. And yes, I'd love to come inside." 
  • Janine: "So yeah, that's basically how it all happened."Greg: "It's ironic how similar your story is to mine. Here's what you do. First thing tomorrow morning make your way down to Savings and Gainings. It's located on the corner of 8th Street. Tell a woman named Melissa that Greg sent you. Once you start speaking to her, everything will make a little more sense."
  • 20 minutes later...
  • "Wow, we've been speaking for hours. Thankyou so much for all of your advice Greg!
  • "I'll walk you out."
  • 4 hours later...
  • "No problem! I mean, what are friends for? It's late, I should get going."
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