Continential Shift
Updated: 5/18/2020
Continential Shift

Storyboard Text

  • So then I was like, "I, Alfred Wegiener, have stepped foot in Greenland, which in fact is NOT green at ALL!"
  • HAHA! that storys too funny each time you say it Alfred
  • Shoot! The Map!
  • I got it, Alfred
  • Yeah yeah I been known about thatWAIT!
  • Have you ever noticed how South America and Africa fit like a puzzle
  • What is it, Alfred?
  • Ok, So you know how fossils have been found the same in South America and Africa?
  • What if they were once a mega continent but then drifted away!
  • Yeah
  • Yes, but I think they drifted away HORIZONTALLY. Think of it, continents are either just west or east.
  • I gotta do something, Im sorry but you gotta leave
  • Didn't others already think of that?
  • Aww.
  • ... continetial drift... pangea...