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Updated: 2/3/2020
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  • The Spanish Reconquista
  • Spanish Exploration
  • We agree to your request of 10% of all the finds and to grant you the status of nobility. As a result you must claim land for Spain.
  • The Spanish Inquistion
  • The Spanish Reconquista was a crusade made through the combined of Queen Isabella, of Castile, And king Ferdinand of Aragon. It intention was to recapture land in the south that was controlled by the Moors for more than 700 years.
  • The Spanish Reconquitsa part 2
  • This is the key for the palace of Granada, if anyone is still in the palace you may keep them.
  • The Spanish wanted to find new land in order for exploration and expansion, of in 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella agreed to grant Christopher Columbus and funded his travels across the Atlantic.
  • Spanish Exploration Part 2
  • The Spanish Inquisition were a group of people that judged in whether or not people had converted into Roman Catholicism, primarily the ones that had stayed during the take over of the Reconquista; however that was later changed to apply everybody.
  • The Spanish inquisition Part 2
  • In the end, the combined forces of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand were able to defeat the Moors. As a result the moors leaders, Tariq ibn-Ziyad, surrendered the key to their last city, Granada, to the king and the queen of Castile and Aragon.
  • Resources and goods found from the new territory were considered the property’s of Spain. Missionaries were also sent to these new lands in order to teach the culture of the Roman Catholic Church and convert people to Roman Catholicism.
  • For god, gold, and glory!
  • We found INDIA!
  • If you were found out to be guilty by these “religious police”, they were entitled to harsh punishments. This included: Confinement to dungeons, torture, or even death. If a women was found guilty, it was common for them to be publicly burned at stake.
  • Look mommy that girl’s on fire!
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