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Chinese Scene 1
Updated: 10/26/2020
Chinese Scene 1
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  • 我在找蓝色的裤子!请问你们有蓝色的裤子吗?: I'm looking for blue pants! Do you have blue pants?
  • 欢迎光临!您要找什么?: Welcome! What are you looking for?
  • 谢谢!: Thank you
  • 我们有蓝色的裤子,在商店的最后面。如果,你要帮忙,请告诉我?: We have blue pants, at the back of the store. If you want help, please tell me?
  • 对不起!我们有浅蓝色的裤子还有深蓝色的短裤。: Sorry! We have light blue pants and dark blue shorts.
  • 小姐,请问你们有没有深蓝色的裤子吗?: Miss, do you have dark blue pants?
  • 可以!: You may!
  • 我要浅蓝色的裤子。我可以试穿吗?: I want light blue pants. May I try it on?
  • 这条蓝色的裤子太短了。你们有长一点的裤子吗?: These blue pants are too short. Do you have longer pants?
  • 有!它在那里!: We have them! They’re there!
  • 太贵了!便宜点吧!: That is too expensive! Make it cheaper!
  • 那条裤子一百块钱。: That pair of pants costs one hundred dollars.
  • 好吧!七十六块钱!: Ok! Seventy-six dollars!
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