The Nine Realms
Updated: 3/8/2021
The Nine Realms

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Steven why is the door glowing
  • You are in Alfheim I guess the Yggdrasil tree decided to give you guys a history lesson
  • Sure why not
  • My name is Federick I will be your guide
  • This tree is connecting all the 9 realms
  • Who knows Stevie it never does that and mom and dad they did not mention anything about a glowing door.
  • What is this place ?
  • We should open the door and see what is behind.
  • This is not something that should be in a closet
  • This is so cool
  • Oh yeah and it is considered to be fairer than the other places
  • But from what is known it is said to be lovely
  • I remember learning this in mythology Alfheim is a geographic location that is between the mouths of the rivers Gota and Glorm
  • It was presided by the Vanir god Freyr
  • I remember that Alfheim is not clearly described in Norse literature 
  • They were said to be magical beings,bright as well as beautiful
  • Alfheim existed a long time ago it was home to the light/bright elves
  • That is the end of the Alfheim history
  • I could imagine this realm was so beautiful
  • I am going to research the other realms thank you Federick bye
  • They believe that these elves are the ones that inspired the arts,music and as well as creativity in general
  • This realm is pretty cool
  • Thank you I learned so much let's go home Steven