Science Project

Updated: 5/13/2020
Science Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hey Mason, I'm trying out for the track team and I need to run a little bit. Can you come to the football field and run with me.
  • Sure Nathan I will do it.
  • Yes, we will time each other.
  • So are we sprinting the entire 100 yards?
  • Keep going!
  • How did I do?
  • Okay, my turn.
  • You ran a 13.1. Not bad.
  • Wow! Why aren't you trying out for track!?
  • Wow! A 12.4! How fast do you think you were going?
  • Speed is distance divided by time so I've got to divide 100 over 12.4. That means I went about 8 yards per second.