The 7th man
Updated: 1/29/2021
The 7th man

Storyboard Text

  • This place reminds me of how me and k used to always watch the sunsets
  • K and the 7th man would go to school together and walk home together. K was like a little brother to him.
  • They did everything together they were even next door neighbors.
  • They heard that there was gonna be a typhoon.
  • They got prepared for the typhoon and were waiting it out.
  • They figured out that they were in the eye of the storm. The 7th man wanted to go explore while it was calm
  • The 7th man and k, met up and walked on the beach together they found objects that were blown around because of the storm
  • And thats when the 7th man lost everything
  • k wouldnt stop looking at something the 7th man kept calling him but he wouldnt budge.
  • There was a wave that ended up taking k. And the 7th man took the blame because he didnt try to stop it.It changed his whole life.