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Updated: 2/20/2020
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aztec storyboard

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  • The Aztecs were walking for everyday for months.Some new Aztec had been born on the way, and were passing their first days of life in the constant motion of travel. They took short breaks to eat, stopping only at night to sleep.
  • This is the Aztecs stopping and seeing if there is any sign from the gods. When the priest spoke it is in a sure voice he said "no this isn't it, there isn't a sign here to tell us were home"
  • the Aztec finally saw the sign to tell them that's where they should stay.
  • This is the priest telling the kids why the sign is important One year no rain came to their lands. Their crops dried out and died in the sun-baked fields. They feared that the rain god was angry with them. so what shall they do? so they set off and waited for a sign to tell them there home.
  • they had been traveling for more than 100 years. in search for a sign from the gods. that why the sign is so important to us as Aztecs.
  • That is the legend of how the Aztec came to live on and around Lake Texcoco in what is now Mexico. The legend explains why they built their city on islands in the lake, beginning with the island on which they had seen the eagle.
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