Creation story
Updated: 11/12/2020
Creation story

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  • The universe began as a chaotic mess .... in till Ma’at was born
  • Feather represents truth / justice
  • your not allowed to have kids within the 360 days in a year
  • Balance
  • God atum
  • Atum arose and quickly began creating ... First he made two kids
  • God shu
  • God shu was the god of wind and goddess tefnut was was god of air
  • Goddess tefnut
  • Together they made an atmosphere and had two kids
  • Goddess nut was the god of the sky
  • Nut in geb were in love and wanted to be together
  • God Geb was the god of earth.
  • Djehuty also know as Thoth, the ibis-headed god of wisdom
  • Sure
  • Help me please
  • December
  • I won :)
  • :(
  • +5 days
  • December
  • The ha 4 kids : Wesir, set , Aset, Nebt_Het
  • Thoth requested a game and won 5 days ... he decided to give them to the sky so she can have a family
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