the thing around your neck
Updated: 2/18/2021
the thing around your  neck

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3rd page

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  • What is it for!
  • . . . . .
  • . . . . .
  • The boy buys Akunna gifts, and Akunna finally tells him to stop buying her things that aren't useful. Akunna keeps the gifts of clothes and shoes to give to her family. The boy offers to go with her to Nigeria, but Akunna doesn't want him to be able to check Nigeria off his list of countries he's visited.
  • Akunna knows that her relationship with the boy seems abnormal to many people, but the boy's parents make everything seem normal when they go to dinner one night. Akunna doesn't understand why the boy is so stiff and feels thankful that they don't treat her like she's exotic.
  • Good bye!
  • The boy tells her later that his parents ration their love, and they'd love him better if he agreed to go to law school. Akunna is angry and thinks of two weeks ago when he'd refused to take Akunna on a trip to Canada with his parents. Akunna cries in the shower and doesn't know why.
  • Thank you!
  • Akunna writes home and receives a letter that her father died five months ago. Her family had used the money from Akunna to give him a good funeral. Akunna curls up in bed and thinks of her father.
  • What's wrong?
  • The boy holds her and offers to fly them both to Nigeria. Akunna insists on going alone, and the boy asks if she'll "come back." Akunna mentions that she has to return in a year to maintain her green card. The boy drops her off at the airport and Akunna hugs him tightly before letting go.
  • The End.