Ch 13-21 Jividen
Updated: 5/8/2020
Ch 13-21 Jividen

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  • Ch. 12: The First Bomb
  • Ch. 13: The Second Bomb
  • Ch. 16: The Third Bomb
  • The first bomb went off in the coffee shop kitchen. Mrs. Theodorakis ran out of the kitchen in some dripping red stuff it was not blood. When she ran out Doug and Theo ran in to clean things up while Angela was debating on whether or not to call the fire department she didn't call them because there was not fire and the red stuff was just tomato sauce. I found this info in the beginning of chapter 12.
  • Ch. 21: The Fourth Bomb
  • The bomb went off at six-thirty in Shin Hoo's restaurant. No one was hurt the restaurant got messed up bad though. When it went off everyone had to stand still while the Hoo family were fixing there restaurant up from the bomb. I found this info close to the end of chapter 13.
  • The third bomb went off at Angela's party it filled with a whole bunch of grace wexler's friends and Turtle. It blew up when she was opening one of her presents. Inside were fireworks and they all blew up and everyone screamed. Only Angela got hurt no one else. I found this info in the beginning of chapter 16.
  • The fourth bomb went off on the elevator almost hitting Theo in the back of the head. It barely missed when the last rocket went off it went to the bomber's floor. Revealing to the bomb squad that Turtle was the bomber. She actually did that to cover for Angela her sister. I found this info in around the middle of chapter 21.