Updated: 1/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • 3 days after Avraham had his Bris.
  • Hashem made it extra hot so That no one will bother Avraham while he is recovering.
  • But Avraham really wanted to do Hachnochas Orchim...
  • So Hashem sent 3 Malochim
  • Malach Gavriel
  • Malach Refoel
  • Malach Michoel
  • Malach Gavrielwarns Avraham that he will kill Sedom but his nephew Lot and Lots family will be saved.
  • Sarah overhears Malach Michoeland laughssaying its impossible to have a child at the ripe age of 90?!!
  • Malach Refoel heals Avraham.
  • Malach Michoeltells Avraham that he will have a child in exactly a year despite his old age.